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Our background is in the beer biz. Everything from distribution and importing to German training and brewery operations. A few years ago we had an opportunity that would allow us to open up our own brewery. We jumped on it. We’re extremely excited about this brewery, and we think it shows in everything we do. This is just plain fun for us. What the Hell Does Karbach Mean?One reason we named the brewery Karbach Brewing Co. is because we’re located on Karbach Street. Even more important to us, though, is the fact that the Karbach Street warehouse was the site Ken and Chuck started their beer distribution company decades ago. Karbach is also a village in Bavaria. We hear they drink a lot of great beer there. In 2016, Karbach Brewing partnered with The High End team, a business unit of Anheuser-Busch, joining its family of craft brands. Our co-founders, management team, and all of our great employees continue to produce innovative and traditional beers on Karbach Street in Houston, Texas.