Destihl Brewery

Availability: IL Only


The DESTIHL concept was first brewed up in a five gallon batch of beer made by CEO & Brewmaster, Matt Potts, in a homebrew kit given to him by his wife, Lyn, for Christmas in 1995. Matt’s passion for craft beer started in the summer of 1991, before he entered law school, although brewing beer was in his blood as evidenced by bottles of homebrew made by his grandfather over 35 years ago which still remain in his family’s farmhouse built in 1865. After practicing law for over 11 years, Matt decided it was time for a career change, so he traded in his briefcase for a mash paddle, went to brewing school and opened DESTIHL in 2007 with a team of people dedicated to only the best beer, food and service. It has taken countless hours to develop the unique concept that is now DESTIHL, where we utilize both global brewing traditions and new American craft brewing ingenuity and artisanship to make uncommon beers uncommonly well.